Abundant Life

When you live a life of abandoned love, surrendered before the awe of God, here’s what you’ll experience: Abundant life. Continued protection. And complete satisfaction!” Proverbs 19:23 TPT

THAT is SO great. That doesn’t sound doubtful… it sounds pretty sure.

Take that in today.


I’ve decided to use my Facebook Page @leavesandfruit to reach out to people and share my journey with anyone who is looking for hope and healing. It hasn’t been too easy having convictions that some people do not but this is my journey and we are not here to compare! Every day with Holy Spirit is new and His mercies are new too. I feel his grace to keep on. I am ready to share with others how I am doing as I explore this daily life of freedom and joy in creativity. Some things that are for me are not for everyone and that is OK.

Facebook Page: Leavesforfruit

So follow if you like! I’ll be sharing here on the blog too.

I love talking about food, oils, nature, dance, cultures, and so much more.

Hope today!


Permission to dance

While I was in dance class in high school I remember we were all improving as a whole in our technique but I felt like I was just barely getting by from each technique learned. We were tested only a few times a year on our technique and I prayed that my body would hold positions. One day we were going across the floor doing pirouettes and our teacher shouts out that now instead of 1 ½ or 2 we were to go for 3 turns. She completely expected us to be able to do it and believed in us. I’m sure my eyes grew open a few sizes. I started to get nervous as I had the desire to be at the same level as all the others and also to please my teacher… I knew I was able to do it randomly but not on the spot “across the floor” to the beat of the music. So it’s my turn, and the first try I get 1 ½ and then as I’m stepping into the next one I felt Jesus’ face in front of mine and he said “worship me/do it for me”. I planted one foot and pushed up through the foot and put everything into position and the eyes of my heart looked into the face of Jesus with no worry to perform for my teacher or “make it” and boom I did 4 turns right there, landed nicely and kept hitting 3 turns across the floor with a smile on my face worshipping the One who sees me. After that hour of class, I was changed. From then on I knew that my strength, my practice, my skills, my hard work was all for Jesus and from Jesus and He was really the only one that mattered. From then on I danced for Him and WITH him. HE loves to dance with us. Any time after that, when we had a test or performance, I danced with his eyes before mine and I knew that I worked hard but it was firstly all for him and then my teacher started to see a new confidence and I felt good no matter what.

This moment in my life and journey with dance marked me. Till this day, I have decided to dance for Jesus and with Jesus whenever I dance.  That moment brings me to present day…7 years later. A few days ago I was with a group in Seattle Washington and more than ever I felt such permission to dance whenever I felt like it, to bless people, just because of joy, during worship at the church we were at etc. At one point our group was out at the University of Washington blessing the students and visitors on the campus with encouraging words, blessings or whatever we were led to do. I was walking with a woman named Maari who was willing to step out of comfort zones in order to love people the way they deserve to be loved, stepping out of the norm and say hello to strangers. She and I were walking around and we saw a beautiful bride and groom taking their wedding photos under the cherry blossom trees. We couldn’t seem to walk away from them. Maari is a photographer also so she ended up helping them with her dress and a few other details, and their photographer was blessed by that. Then she and I both loved the idea of me dancing over/around them and they wouldn’t know it but at the same time I would be praying a blessing over their marriage. I was prophesying over them with each movement of my body. This beautiful couple was ecstatic that I would even dance over their marriage. They were all smiles the whole time. Even when I finished dancing for them, joy was lit on their faces. Even without music, the peace and joy was felt. To me it felt a bit awkward at first but because it was for Jesus and because of Jesus, I didn’t give a crap. I was there to bless them and pass on the love that he so lavishly gives. I wanted them to see and feel his love. The awkwardness is now irrelevant. This opportunity to dance drew a crowd and I got to share with a few curious bystanders the reason why I danced and give them prophetic words too. Now it doesn’t matter where I am, if there is music or not dancing is my portion… it is more than expressing myself it is also prophetic and intercession. With each move, I get to proclaim the goodness or God to the world in every season and circumstance.

Seattle Trip (BSSM missions)

I went on a trip up to Seattle, Washington for a week… a week of lavishing love, hope, and joy. I had the opportunity on this trip to be on the creative outreach team. We decided to activate as a team by taking risks throughout our time on the trip. We were asked this question- What does risk look like for you on this trip? and that was what we were to go after. We got to dream with God and too see miracles happen EVEN before we went out.  We even pre-made small prophetic art pieces, cards, or gifts to pass out while on the streets in Seattle.

One day all 60 of the people on the trip gave away single flowers to people in the crowds of Pikes Place with a word of hope and love. Another day we designed simple paper crowns to hand out to students at the University of Washington along with a song, dance, poem, encouragement, or however led by God. There are no limits to love. We had permission to step out of the box in order to bless the beautiful students around. There were amazing cherry blossom trees in bloom on campus, it set a dream-like scene. Spring was in the air, hope was all around.

Many times throughout the trip I saw an article of clothing on random people and I was able to use it to speak life to them and show them that God sees them and loves them. For example, while in Whole Foods one day I saw a woman who wore a purple sweater and purple earnings and in my head I heard “queenly” and “royal”. So I said to the woman “excuse me, I just wanted to say to you that you are lovely in Gods sight and a queen, He sees you and loves you. You are royalty” and she looked at me pleasantly but also in shock and said back “yes, I know that actually. I am His daughter.” She recognized her identity as royal, as daughter of the King. We smiled at each other, like we both new this secret wonder from Jesus. She was greatly affirmed and encouraged and I simply spoke up. All I saw was her physical purple outfit and spoke to her what I saw her as… it was simple and easy. I don’t know what it did to her, only heaven knows. But, it is my joy to speak up. It is my joy to step out. It is my joy to see people the way God sees them. Seattle made me realize that it is very quite simple and can happen anywhere. I have found that it truly is my calling to create and to love. My own breakthrough is right past fear and too, someone could come to know Jesus as we step into love and take a bold risk.

What do you title your first post?

I’m a goof. That is for sure. Always have been and always will be. I was lost there for a little bit, but that is just because I thought that being the “black sheep” was bad. I tried hiding who I am but, the thing is, you cant hide a black sheep. The black sheep will be seen and known. It’s time to stop trying to cover up yourself if you’re a black sheep or others who may be the black sheep. It is time to come fully alive! We get to love ourselves. That’s the only way we can really love others. Come to life! Find what you love to do, your skills or what you want to grow in and go for it!

Recently, I have decided that I am a creative! Firstly because my God is creative, that makes me (His creation) a creative being by nature. Now also I choose to create with God. I will encounter God while creating with Him. I love to try new things… in food especially! I love to experiment with flavors and colors. Since I am eating clean food, I may as well play with it and make it taste great!

Here’s to good clean food, healing, creatives, the mess, living life through eyes of hope, and learning to live with God in FIRST place.